Asking questions increases your chances of getting past the interview, so why not lead with the important ones?

Here is list of 10 questions you can ask a recruiter, that will also help you better understand the work environment.

  1. What do you (or other employees) most love about the company?
  2. Is the team international or mostly formed of locals?
  3. How long do people usually stay with you?
  4. What are the traits that you most value in your workplace?
  5. How do you teach and train people to further develop their skills?
  6. What is the management style in the company?
  7. How long does it take to move from idea to implementation?
  8. How do you measure employee performance?
  9. What after-hours or team events are employees usually participating at?
  10. How is the workday structured? Is there space for innovation projects?

Pro tip:

Avoid asking yes or no questions whenever possible, but rather aim for questions that generate descriptions. Then use those to make up your own mind regarding the situation.


People are wired to communicate. Getting recruiters to talk about their experience with the company, will make you more relatable, showcase your analytical skills and increase your chances to get hired.