Get to know Helen – The new WorkValues intern

Hi everyone!

My name is Helen Elofsson, I’m a 22 year old Swede with roots in east Germany. I’ve recently moved to Berlin to discover my past (cliché I know), develop my German skills and to learn more about the crazy startup scene here in the city.

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work as HR and Marketing Assistant at WorkValues and to become part of the development from the very first start. I will work with marketing strategy on social media, content marketing on the blog, assist with the recruitment process and contact potential customers for the company. During my time as an intern, I hope that my articles will resonate with employers and candidates alike, and that I’ll be able to reach people with my message.

I’m born and raised in the west coast based city of Sweden – Gothenburg. I’m studying my bachelor degree in Business Administration at the University of Gothenburg. With extra courses in psychology and social science, I get my very own niche in business administration. In spring, I’m thinking of choosing marketing as a major because my interests are more and more attracted to the communication field. I have always been interested in what’s going on inside peoples’ head; to understand their behaviors, how they make decisions and how they think. My interests in psychology in symbiosis with business administration have made me excited about the Human Resources industry. In the future, I’m dreaming of being able to work with content marketing and strategic communication within HR, an advertising agency or an marketing department. That’s why this internship fits me perfectly! It gives me the best of two worlds – both HR and marketing.

In the beginning of May, I’m going to work from Betahaus, which is a co-working space located in the heart of Berlin. I hope to meet like-minded people and share thoughts and ideas about market strategies, recruitment processes and content marketing. And of course, go on informal events that offer beer and döner. Do you see someone who gobbles tons of sweets at Betahaus cafe, laughing to her own jokes and who speaks German with a strong Swedish accent, it will probably be me.


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